Your Number Or Your Name

The Knack

saw your face from a window
now i can't let it go
but i don't know
your number or your name

if i only could phone you
i could say what i want to
when i'm trying to catch your eye
you're stepping out of view

it's hard to do
it's such a shame
i can't get through without
your number or your name

caught a glimpse in the subway
but you weren't going my way
you were lost in
the rumble of the train

in the rush of the city
you were standing so calmly
wish that i only had the nerve
to say hello to you

i'll be waiting 'til the end of time
with this burning yearning
in my heart and in my mind

saw you walking this morning
so i too started walking
maybe this time will be the one
where you will see me too

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