What U Want

천상지희 더 그레이스

迷子になったような 金曜の夜は
(마이고니낫따요오나 킨요우노요루와)
(미아가 된 것 같은 금요일 밤은)

I wanna see you こんなのは初めて
(I wanna see you 콘나노와하지메테)
(I wanna see you 이런 건 처음이야)

(지금까지의 그와 모든 것이 달라)

I just wanna もっと知りたいだけよ
(I just wanna 못또시리타이다케요)
(I just wanna 좀 더 알고 싶을 뿐이야)

Get up, do what you want

(잡히지 않는다면)

Get up, be what you want
Don't bother calling me, no
Get up, show what you want

(달콤한 말만으로는)

Get up, do what you want

(꿈도 꿀 수 없어)

All ma Ladies and Gentlemen Let this Fiesta bounce now.
Feellin' me Feellin' you I've been waitin' for this moment.
Like a de ja vu and you are ma boo shake it shake it booty lishious.
Oh baby I wanna take you to ma home let's have some fun tonight.

あやつられ ふりまわす
(아야쯔라레 후리마와스)
(조종 당해 맘대로 휘두르는)

But I want him

惡いやつ それでもいい
(와루이야츠 소레데모이이)
(나쁜 자식 그래도 좋아)

Do I want him?

會う時は やさしくて
(아우토키와 야사시쿠테)
(만날 때는 다정하고)

So I want him

うそばかり どうしたらいい?
(우소바카리 도우시타라이이?)
(거짓말만 잔뜩 어떡해야 해?)

Should I leave him?

(친구들도 전부 내게 경고하지)

He's just crazy そんなの知ってるよ
(He's just crazy 손나노싯떼루요)
(He's just crazy 그런 건 알고 있어)

グラス越しの視線 氣付かないふりで
(그라스고시노시센 키즈카나이후리데)
(유리컵 너머의 시선 모르는 척 하고)

I look away 欲しいなら早く來てよ
(I look away 호시이나라하야쿠키테요)
(I look away 갖고 싶다면 어서 와)

Get up, do what you want

(메일 만으로는 더 이상)

Get up, be what you want

(뭔가 부족하니까)

Get up, show what you want

(매일 만나고 싶어)

Get up, do what you want

(직접 만져줬으면 좋겠어)

I'm standin' right here w / this mic bring it lose control cum' on cum'
All ma fellas relax there are n.o rules.
give a little bet of taste oh.oh.
I didn't even start ma party yet but you already turn me on.
lookin' hot tonight be right be sure get a partner take it down.

He is now looking over me in his eyes I cannot move anything.
like a black hole all around me in the darkness all I see is spot lights on you.
Fallin' in love at first sight dreamin of the fairytale.
Let's make love in the bump bump on ma top top and pump it pump it down on me



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